Hullo Dr

First of all can I ask “are you listed?”

If not, then tell us about you … where you are and what you do…

If you are listed, then I will help any chiropractor who wants more work.

And what I offer is real – not being one of the 10, 15, 20, more on a best XX list – but an actual page. Better to have your own page showing here than to be one of many on a list. 10 times better. If this post is on Page 3 or higher it would be well worth having, right? Well, you can have it. No, not the guff that is there, but your website, or any page.

How does that work? Google sees and ranks my page, but anyone else will see only your page. It will be on top.

Let me show you how your page can be on top.

I will be doing whatever it takes to increase and keep ranking of any location.

You can also make your listing here read better with the best review you have.

I am David Kemp and I am at or at +617 54490478 (6AM to 10AM EST and 7PM to 12PM EST)

and there’s more … (links to be finished)

Your reputation.

Now that they can check reputation and see reviews, they certainly do.

You will live or die on your reputation. Your reputation is your future.

At the very least, see what people have said about you…here (free)

And watch what people are saying about you … here

And encourage patients to do a review about your good work on their wellness.

David Kemp, the old founder

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